What is human capital?

Human capital refers to the knowledge of an individual or group, and includes things such as education, experience, skill, creativity, judgment, empathy, and competence.

Developing human capital is the single most important thing that distinguishes us. We have an unwavering commitment to help our clients develop the knowledge they need to make good decisions, empower the next generation of family members, and support their personal, family, and philanthropic goals.

The Impact of Knowledge on Family Capital
LifelongLearningPeriodicLearningPassiveLearningFAMILY CAPITAL10 YEARS20 YEARS30 YEARS40 YEARS

How do we help people learn?

We’ve developed a proprietary knowledge platform called Kindros that can be taught to individuals or groups in face-to-face sessions, or via our self-paced online knowledge platform.

Education and training sessions can be easily tailored to the specific needs and knowledge levels of any family, and the Kindros knowledge platform can be licensed and customized for use by any organization.

We’ve also developed a number of guides and infographics to helping people better understand and visualize important concepts.

Periodic Table of Investments

The Periodic Table of Investments© is a proprietary framework designed to help people understand asset classes and investment categories.

Defining Open Architecture

Defining Open Architecture© provides an overview of wealth management models, including the Advisor Platform, Product Platform, and Hybrid Platform.

Designing a Virtual Family Office

The Virtual Family Office model provides a framework to understand the components of an integrated wealth management solution.

Tax Friction Infographic

The Tax Friction model provides a visual explanation of the impact taxes can have on investment returns.

Family Office Investment Models

The guide to Family Office Investment Models© classifies and explains the four distinct investment approaches employed by single-family offices.

Investment Advisor Map

The Investment Advisor Marketplace Map© helps people understand the types of investment advisors and their relative position.

Capital Reservoir Infographic

The Capital Reservoir model details the types of financial inflows and outflows that can affect an individual’s wealth level over time.

Family Office Trends

The Framework for Understanding Family Office Trends provides an overview of changes affecting the market of private investors.
These guides are intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as providing advice for investment, tax, legal, or other decisions.