How does our strategic planning process work?

Our process consists of three phases; Research, Analysis, and Implementation. The end result is a sustainable solution for managing wealth.

Phase 1. Research

During Phase 1 we begin with a bottom-up review of your current wealth management solution. Next, we conduct a functional review that focuses on the building blocks of managing wealth including governance, planning, investing, and operations. Finally, we provide a top-down review to understand your specific wealth management needs, personal, family, and philanthropic goals, and unique circumstances.

Phase 2. Analysis

During Phase 2 we develop a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of your current wealth management structure, a comprehensive cost analysis that includes your total investment management and wealth advisory fees, and recommended options for moving forward.

Phase 3. Implementation

During Phase 3 we help implement your plan including prioritizing objectives, developing a timeline, and executing the plan based upon our mutual agreement on next steps. Our objective is to help people create a strategic plan for managing capital that is flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Strategic Planning Process
Collect and organize information on entities, advisors, goals, etc.Develop and implement strategic planAnalysis & OptionsResearchImplementationProvide detailed cost-benefit analysis and options for moving forward30–60 DAYS30 DAYS30–60 DAYS132

What are our guiding principles?

Embody Integrity

We are committed to fundamental moral and ethical behavior, honesty, fairness, and accountability.

Pursue Excellence

We represent the interests of our clients exclusively, as we seek to produce measurable success through persistent and diligent effort.

Think Holistically

We approach problems from multiple perspectives and time frames to deeply understand the issues and develop optimal solutions.

Empower People

We help our clients and colleagues establish and achieve goals, make good choices, and improve their powers of reasoning and judgment.

Embrace Diversity

We actively seek and incorporate diverse ideas, perspectives, and experiences to ensure we have a broad and deep understanding of issues.

Seek Alignment

We work to improve alignment among family members and advisors, and their roles, policies, procedures, and operations.

Reduce Complexity

We strive to simplify the process of managing wealth, minimize financial friction, and streamline reporting and communications.

Respect Capital

We help people develop a strategic approach to managing their financial and human capital for generations.

How do we ensure we remain unbiased?

We place the needs and interests of our clients at the center of everything we do. To ensure that we remain unbiased, we are committed to operating as an independent consulting firm with no affiliations, sponsorships, or revenue-sharing arrangements with investment advisors, asset managers, or financial institutions.


We are an independent consulting firm committed to providing unbiased research, analysis, and guidance to our clients.

Business Model

We are not an investment advisor. We don’t manage assets, we don’t transfer assets to our firm, and we don’t require clients to change advisors. Rather than charge fees based upon the level of your assets, we develop a project-based fee that provides fixed pricing and flexible terms.

Conflict of Interest Policy

We pledge that in connection with the services performed for our clients, neither the company nor any employee will solicit or receive any payment or compensation, either directly or indirectly, from any party other than the client.

Payment or compensation methods that we prohibit include revenue-sharing arrangements, finder’s fees, commissions, marketing fees, gifts, discounts, and any other benefits that would not otherwise have been made available were it not for the work being performed for the client.


Martiros Strategies was launched in 2010 by Stephen Martiros, a wealth management expert with more than 25 years of experience working with private investors, family offices, family businesses, and family foundations.

Previously he served as the Managing Partner of CCC Alliance, where he helped build America's largest private network of single-family offices. His is the founder of Summitas®, an award-winning B2B cloud software application for family offices. Stephen started his career as an investment advisor with E.F. Hutton and later with Alex. Brown & Sons.

Stephen received his BS and MBA from Babson College. He is co-founder of the Babson Institute for Family Entrepreneurship and the Babson Financial Literacy Project. He is the recipient of the Babson College Snyder Award for Distinguished Service and recipient of the college’s Cruikshank Award for representing the highest ideals of service and loyalty to the college.

Stephen is founder of Kindros, a public benefit corporation that provides organizations with their own unbiased financial knowledge platform.